Children's Learning Center Montessori

Information for Prospective Parents

Selecting the right early childhood education for your child is one of the most crucial decisions you will have to make. Since there is no longer a debate on the importance of early childhood education and its significance to a successful life later on, you are faced with the serious task of deciding where to enroll your child. Should you select the school with the most beautiful building or should you be looking for the best playground or is this a more serious matter of looking at the school with the best curriculum?

We at CLC take early childhood education very seriously. It has been proven that the first seven years constitute the formative period when an individual’s patterns for subsequent learning and behavior are established.

In selecting us for early childhood education, please understand that CLC is neither a babysitting service nor a play school where children are passing time until they get to the kindergarten class. We offer a unique cycle of learning designed to pass important skills to our student during their most crucial and productive years of relearning. Children graduating from our school have done extremely well in the California standardized tests and many have been selected for gifted children’s programs.


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